Charles Wine Company

We are a small, boutique, family wine affair that likes to under-promise and over-deliver in every aspect of how we engage in the world of wine. Today we produce 900 cases annually, which is small by some standards, but right for us for now. Our labels are inspired around our life passions and our version of the wine Swirl, which always keeps people guessing on what it is or what it means.

Our Swirl came about in the early years when I was swirling a glass of wine. I swirled too hard and the wine arose from the rim of the glass and landed on the table in a similar formation. The formation caught my eye and I knew from there it was going to be part of our company's future. We started using it for our first commercial bottle design in 2012 and now included it in our Company's logo in 2016. 


Charles Wine Company

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