Dr.Abelle P. Nivens.

Her Impact

Dr. Abelle Palmore Nivens, our Grandmother was a powerful civic leader and an extraordinary force in education.Born May 16, 1916 as the 10th child of Abraham a brick mason and Minnie a teacher in Graniteville, SC. She attended Bettis Academy boarding school, earned a BA from South Carolina State, & a Master's from Columbia Univ. in NYC. She had a successful 73 year teaching career, working first at a 1 teacher School, followed by Aiken County public schools. In 1978 opening her pre-kindergarten school the Minnie Palmore House Learning Center in Graniteville S.C.

Her Philosophy

I have hope and I do believe, that all children can learn and achieve. If they are just given the chance to work at their speed and to advance, we as Teachers must work and hope and help each child with his problems to cope. By finding out first what makes him tick, then working and helping him with his problems to fix. First a child must be happy with what he does , he must have faith in himself and he must feel loved. 
The teacher’s job is to properly motivate and see that he succeeds in what he undertakes. It does not matter if he is black or white. Every child can learn to read and write, because God gave every child a special gift. He needs only to use it himself to lift. I have hope and will continue to believe that if the peace we hope for is to be achieved, all races on earth must limit human strife and learn to live together for the rest of their life. 

There are so many children here on earth that were unwanted and unloved from the time of their birth. We must in some way make them see that expressing his true feelings is no calamity. Some people are always asking me, why do I struggle for people and hear their cry. “Why do I undertake such a thankless plight”. My answer is this, God gave me a task and a chance to free children from chains of ignorance and for as long as I live and breathe, I will continue to help people achieve.




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