Get to know a Female Kenyan-American Vintner

Christine Wachira Director of Winemaking describes what is behind each wine in the collection, our commitment to sustainability, and how each glass provides a wine, elevated experience.

Wachira Wines is a black-owned, woman owned winery in Alameda County and the culmination of the extraordinary vision and effort of Dr. Chris (Christine) Wachira, the first Kenyan-born, Californian winemaker, distributor, importer, and exporter. As a young immigrant working her way through college, earning her Doctorate, Chris fell in love with the science of winemaking and developed a deep appreciation for the sense of community built from sharing a bottle of wine with complete strangers. Her story is about fighting for equity and the ability to succeed through adversity.

Chris celebrates the ability to realize one's dreams and emphasizes the importance of family and one’s roots. She has created an international wine that celebrates Kenyan culture, Kenyan values, and her dual Kenyan-American adventure. A wine that is truly Kenyan-American. Wachira, her family name, has been passed down for generations; in translation it means "one who deals with cases" such as an attorney or a judge. Hundreds of years later, she now deals with "cases" of wine. Chris chooses to believe wine-making was written in her stars.

Wachira Wines is committed to creating unforgettable experiences featuring our #winesafari moments shared with family and friends. When we put our family name on our wines, we ensure they deliver the highest quality vintages. We are more than a wine label, we are a lifestyle.


We're about building diversity in the wine community by creating unique, memorable experiences through our #winesafari.


We envision our wines being shared by a group of friends, over fond memories and deep bellied laughs. We have been meticulous in crafting varietals that complement this vision.


To share our wines and our wine lifestyle with the global market through a network of loyal, satisfied clients, vendors, and international distributors. We are very proud of the quality of our products and we hope you will be too..

KARIBU Wine Lounge by Wachira is a community-based tasting room located on 1419 Park Street in Alameda, CA 94501.

KARIBU is a Swahili word that translates to mean *you're welcome* Our wine lounge meets the need to create a space where great but underserved wineries are highlighted and celebrated. A place where you're welcome!

KARIBU Wine Lounge by Wachira will showcase the value of diversity in the wine market by offering a retail platform for BIPOC, women, and local winemakers.

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