Wachira Sparkling Wine
Wachira Sparkling Wine Double Gold Award
Black Label Sparkling Wine

Black Label Sparkling Wine

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The Lion of our #winesafari is a very tasty sparkling white from California with delicate bubbles;  the effervescence is not overwhelming. The best part is its distinctive aroma at the first nose. Hints of candied apples and tangerines! Really ripe fruit with a good bit of lemon peel, pear,  raspberries, and red cherries. 

Region Lodi, CA
Winery @WachiraWines
Vintage: NV
Varietal Brut
Sight Clear pale lemon 
Note Medium intensity. Aromas of candied apples, mango, pear, tangerines, melon,  pineapples, lemon peel, raspberries, and red cherries. This wine is youthful.
Alcohol:  11.5%
Taste: This wine is dry. Acidity is medium+. Alcohol is medium. Medium bodied. The flavor intensity is medium. Confirming flavors of candies apples, mango, pear, tangerines, melon, pineapples,  lemon peel, raspberries, red cherries, and adding bread dough + lychee.
Pairing:  Aperitif, light breakfast dishes & pastries, fruit juices for Mimosas, and Agua Frescas.  Kenyan cuisine – breakfast brunch.

Awards: Double Gold - California State Fair

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