Big 5 Collection

The African Big Five game animals are the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and African buffalo.

- Lion (The King) The Lion of our #winesafari is a very tasty sparkling white from California with delicate bubbles;  the effervescence is not overwhelming. The best part is its distinctive aroma at the first nose. Hints of candied apples and tangerines! Really ripe fruit with a good bit of lemon peel, pear,  raspberries, and red cherries. 

- The Gentle Giant (Elephant) The Elephant in our #winesafari. It is the biggest and boldest of our red varietals, with dusty tannins, and jammy red fruit notes of cranberry, and red berries dominate the palate with some pepperiness firm behind it. Prune, fig, licorice, oak, and chocolate are in the mid-palate. The finish is delightful, with an almost juicy characteristic to it. It is great now or aged. 

- The Rhino (The Stong one) The Rhino of our #winesafari. It is a light-bodied Cabernet, bottled young, with grapes from three wine regions in California – Napa, Lodi, and Paso Robles. With its soft integrated tannins, this wine is incredibly well-balanced. Youthful and fruit-forward in presentation, you get blueberry and blackberry notes on the palate and hints of black raspberry crumble, vanilla, and cocoa on the nose.

- The Buffalo (The Social One) The Buffalo of our #winesafari. This is not your typical buttery, oaky, styled Chardonnay from California. Our love of blending resulted in a marriage of exceptional fruit aromas with carefully balanced acidity capturing the best qualities of the cool Central Valley regions of California. Warm pear, green apple, peach, butterscotch, and ripe banana, as well as citrus notes, tinged with the scent of baking spice and toasted oak are highlighted in this crisp Chardonnay. Structurally solid, this wine has a lot of great components to it.

- The leopard (The Smart One) The Leopard of our #winesafari is a treat of wine. Sweet, light, and refreshingly crisp! Moves through your palate youthfully delivering tropical fruit notes of mango, pineapple, and passionfruit. Additional hints of melon, lemon, and nectarines.  




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